The class is split into two parts: Basic Concepts, based on lectures and well-structured homeworks (01/19 – 03/23); and Applied Technologies, based on paper discussions and student-formulated projects (03/30 – 04/27). Below is the approximate schedule for both parts. While the dates of the midterm, homework deadlines, and project milestones/updates are fixed in stone, the specific topics and papers that will covered at each date may change up until the week before.

PART 1: Basic Concepts (01/19 – 03/23)

Lecture- and homework-based. Topics:

PART 2: Applied Technologies (03/30 – 04/27)

Each class reserves 75 minutes for paper discussion and 30 minutes for per-team project updates. Papers focus on deployments or systems that apply the previously learned concepts in real-life settings. Schedule, with paper links (*):

(*) We are distributing the papers from our own repository to avoid problems with unstable Internet links. The originals can be easily found by searching for papers’ titles/authors.