This class is organized in a sequence of topics. For each topic, we first cover basic concepts in an instructor-driven lecture, after which we read papers on the topic and discuss them in class. Below is the approximate class schedule, along with major dates for homework deadlines, midterm, and project milestones.(*) While those dates are set in stone, the specific lecture topics and papers that will covered at each date may change up until the week before.

Topic 0: Course introduction

01/18 Lecture

Topic 1: Privacy risks and attacks

01/18 Lecture

01/25 Reading & discussion

01/25 HW 1 assigned (due 02/08)

Topic 2: Differential privacy (DP)

02/01 Lecture:

02/08 Reading & discussion

02/08 HW1 due

02/08 HW2 assigned (due 02/22)

Topic 3: DP deployments and systems

02/15 Reading & discussion

02/22 Reading & discussion

02/22 HW2 due

Topic 4: Homomorphic encryption (HE)

02/29 Lecture:

02/29 HW3 assigned

03/07 Reading & discussion

03/21 Midterm & project launch

03/21 HW3 due

Topic 5: Secure multiparty computation (MPC)

03/28 Lecture:

03/28 Project status update: team, selected project

04/04 Reading & discussion

04/04 Project status update: three-step execution plan

Topic 6: Private web advertising

04/11 Reading & discussion

04/11 Project status update: step 1 report

Topic 7: Compositions and tensions of privacy technologies

4/18 Lecture

04/18 Reading & discussion

04/18 Project status update: step 2 report

04/25 Invited lecture

04/25 Project status update: step 3 report

Final project presentations

Final project presentations will be delivered on the final exam day as scheduled by the Registrar, though the timing is slightly modified.

(*) We are distributing the papers from our own repository to avoid problems with unstable Internet links. The originals can be easily found by searching for papers’ titles/authors.