Class Time: Thursdays 10:10am-12pm
Class Location: CSB 480

Data scientists and engineers have significant ethical and legal responsibilities to protect the privacy and best interests of the customers whose data they collect and use. This class discusses these responsibilities, the challenges of meeting them in practice, and a set of advanced technologies that can be used to enhance privacy, accountability, and data protection in big data systems. The focus (and uniqueness) of the class is to look at these technologies with a systems perspective of incorporating them in real data infrastructure systems. The class will cover advanced privacy technologies such as differential privacy, homomorphic databases, secure multi-party computation, hardware enclaves, and private federated learning.

The class is organized in two parts, each taking roughly half of the semester:




  1. COMS W3137 Data Structures and Algorithms
  2. COMS W3157 Advanced Programming
  3. (Optional but useful to gain more from this class) Security I