Each class will focus on one important topic in distributed systems. We will read and discuss in detail two representative papers on that topic (denoted review-discuss), and will have a coarser look at a few additional resources (denoted survey). All discussions and presentations will be student led, and students will play very clearly assigned roles for each paper. The roles, deadlines for submitting written reviews and responses, and other information can be found in the Course overview below.

  1. Course overview (no paper discussions but please review all these resources)
  2. Introduction
  3. Communication models
  4. Time, clocks, and global states
  5. Fault tolerance: Fault models and replicated state machines
  6. Consensus protocols
  7. Commitment protocols
  8. Commitment + consensus in practice (class held in CSB 453)
  9. Distributed processing
  10. Distributed processing (2)
  11. Security