Time : F 10:10pm - 12pm
Class Location: CSB 480 (except for March 29, when it will be held in CSB 453)

Distributed systems help programmers aggregate the resources of many networked computers to construct highly available and scalable services. Most of the applications and services we interact with today are distributed, some at enormous scales.

This class provides an overview of influential research that provided the basis of most large-scale, cloud infrastructures today. Students read, review, and discuss papers on important distributed systems topics, including distributed consensus, consistency models and algorithms, service-oriented architectures, large-scale data storage, and distributed transactions, big-data processing frameworks, and distributed systems security.


The grading formula is:

There is an option to do a project for 50% of the grade. See details in the course overview.


Students are required to have taken one of the following two courses or equivalents:

  1. COMS W4113 Distributed Systems Fundamentals OR
  2. COMS W4118 Operating Systems


This class, along with the materials distributed for it, was inspired by Distributed Systems courses at various institutions: