All homeworks are due at 11:59:59pm on the dates mentioned below. Submission deadlines are firm and will not be extended. Grade notification deadlines are subject to change.

You can also subscribe to the deadline calendar here. By default, only lionmail accounts are given permission to subscribe to this calendar.

Homework Submission Deadline Grade Notification
  (firm) (subject to change)
hw0 M 09/11 (2 days!) No grade
hw1 M 09/18 (1 week) Th 09/28
hw2a M 10/02 (2 weeks) Th 10/19
hw2b M 10/09 (1 week) Th 10/19
hw3a M 10/23 (2 weeks) Th 11/09
hw3b M 10/30 (1 week) Th 11/09
hw4a M 11/13 (2 weeks) Th 12/07
hw4b M 11/27 (1 week + 3 days) Th 12/07
hw5 M 12/11 (2 weeks) Th 12/21
final exam TBD by registrar in 12/15-12/22) Tu 12/28

We have not yet received grade posting guidelines from the registrar. When we do, some of the grade notification deadlines may change to meet the posting deadlines. Presently, the projected date for final grade posting is 12/30.

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