Linux-CR: Transparent Application Checkpoint-Restart in Linux

Oren Laadan, Serge E. Hallyn

Proceedings of the 12th Annual Linux Symposium, Ottawa, Canada, July 13-16, 2010


Application checkpoint-restart is the ability to save the state of a running application so that it can later resume its execution from the time of the checkpoint. Applica- tion checkpoint-restart provides many useful benefits in- cluding fault recovery, advanced resources sharing, dy- namic load balancing and improved service availability. For several years the Linux kernel has been gaining the necessary groundwork for such functionality, and now support for kernel based transparent checkpoint-restart is also maturing. In this paper we present the imple- mentation of Linux checkpoint-restart, which aims for inclusion in Linux mainline. We explain the usage model and describe the user interfaces and some key kernel in- terfaces. Finally, we present preliminary performance results of the implementation.



Columbia University Department of Computer Science