MediaPod: A Personalized Multimedia Desktop In Your Pocket

Shaya Potter, Ricardo Baratto, Oren Laadan, Leonard Kim, Jason Nieh

Proceedings of the 11th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM 2009), San Diego, CA, December 14-16, 2009, pp. 219-226


We present MediaPod, a portable system that al- lows mobile users to maintain the same persistent, personalized multimedia desktop environment on any available computer. Regardless of which computer is being used, MediaPod pro- vides a consistent multimedia desktop session, maintaining all of a user’s applications, documents and configuration settings. This is achieved by leveraging rapid improvements in capacity, cost, and size of portable storage devices. MediaPod provides a virtualization and checkpoint-restart mechanism that de- couples a desktop environment and its applications from the host, enabling multimedia desktop sessions to be suspended to portable storage, carried around, and resumed from the storage device on another computer. MediaPod virtualization also isolates desktop sessions from the host, protecting the privacy of the user and preventing malicious applications from damaging the host. We have implemented a Linux MediaPod prototype and demonstrate its ability to quickly suspend and resume multimedia desktop sessions, enabling a seamless computing experience for mobile users as they move among computers.



Columbia University Department of Computer Science