Highly Reliable Mobile Desktop Computing in Your Pocket

Shaya Potter, Jason Nieh

Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Signature Conference on Software Technology and Applications (COMPSAC 2006), Chicago, IL, September 18-21, 2006, pp. 247-254


We present DeskPod, a portable system that provides a highly reliable desktop computing environment for mo- bile users by leveraging rapid improvements in capacity, cost, and size of portable storage devices. DeskPod en- ables a user’s live computing environment to be suspended to portable storage, carried around, easily copied for fault- resilience, and resumed from the storage device to provide the user with the same persistent, personalized computing environment on another computer. DeskPod achieves this by providing a virtualization and checkpoint/restart mecha- nism that decouples a desktop computing environment from any single hardware device so that it can be stored and ex- ecuted anywhere, improving desktop computing reliability by eliminating a potential single point of failure. We have implemented a Linux DeskPod prototype and demonstrate its ability to quickly suspend and resume desktop sessions, enabling a seamless mobile experience.



Columbia University Department of Computer Science