SMART UNIX SVR4 Support for Multimedia Applications

Jason Nieh, Monica S. Lam

Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, June 3-6, 1997, pp. 404-414


Multimedia applications have dynamic and adaptive real- time requirements. Current scheduling practice, as typified by UNIX System V Release 4, lacks the necessary infor- mation and interfaces to meet these requirements. To address this problem, we have created the SMART (Sched- uler for Multimedia And Real-Time) interface. It explicitly accounts for application-specific time constraints and pro- vides dynamic feedback from the scheduler to applications to allow them to adapt to the system loading condition. This paper describes the design of the interface and its implementation in the Solaris UNIX operating system to provide an effective SVR4-conformant full featured envi- ronment for supporting multimedia applications.



Columbia University Department of Computer Science