SAP Pilots Smartphone Technology Developed by Columbia Software Systems Lab Spin-off Cellrox

Cellrox’ BYOD Android solution addresses corporate IT needs in security, reducing operational costs and preserving employee privacy and native device performance.

Cellrox, a leader in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile multi-persona solutions, announced today that SAP Labs Israel, part of SAP group, a global provider of enterprise application software, is piloting Cellrox’ BYOD solution, enabling both corporate and personal virtual environments on employees’ mobile devices in a secure manner.

The growing popularity of using personal mobile devices at work to access corporate network data and applications creates severe security and management challenges for corporate IT departments. Cellrox has developed a mobile virtualization solution, enabling the co-existence of two or more individual, completely independent, and secure personas on one smart device.

The pilot began in early December 2011 in SAP IT Labs Israel and is planned to expand to SAP AG in Germany. The Cellrox Corporate Android Enabler will provide a managed corporate persona alongside an independent private persona on employees’ Android devices. This allows usage of personal information manager applications (PIM), as well as proprietary SAP applications for Android, over SAP’s infrastructure. At the same time, employees will have a unique and intuitive user experience and maintain the freedom to use their mobile devices without corporate imposed limitations.

“After reviewing Cellrox’s product, we found it potentially suitable for the BYOD challenge and decided to move forward and test it further,” said Gil Bickel, Director of IT SAP Labs EMEA.

“We are excited SAP selected Cellrox for their BYOD pilot,” said Omer Eiferman, CEO, Cellrox. “When we designed our solutions, we took into account both the corporate and the user needs. Corporations want to accommodate the BYOD trend but they face grave security risks. Corporate employees on the other hand, want to enjoy the BYOD trend but without compromising device performance, user experience or their privacy.”

Cellrox reduces the pain for mobile operators and provides a non-compromising solution to their corporate customers. Many mobile device management solutions provide a passive security solution, securing applications per corporate requirements. Cellrox provides the only proactive security solution in the BYOD market with a secure platform that can host any application on a per-need basis without special development or adaptation.

About Cellrox

Cellrox provides a best of breed solution for the adoption of smart mobile devices – phones and tablets – for corporate IT departments. The company’s award-winning ThinVisor technology enables co-hosting of two or more individual, independent and secure virtual environments on a single mobile device. By creating an impenetrable wall between the employee’s applications and the company’s data and applications, Cellrox delivers proactive security and application transparency all in a single swipe – one phone, two or more personas. Cellrox was founded in 2011 by serial entrepreneurs and technology leaders. The company is privately held with headquarters located in Israel. For additional information, please visit

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