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Junfeng Yang Awarded NSF Grant to Address Concurrency Errors

LOOM: a Language and System for Bypassing and Diagnosing Concurrency Errors. This project addresses programming challenges posed by the new trend in multicore computing. Multithreaded programs are difficult to write, test, and debug. They often contain numerous insidious concurrency errors, including data races, atomicity violations, and order violations, which we broadly define to be races. A good deal of prior …

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New Directions for Self-destructing Data

Roxana Geambasu, Tadayoshi Kohno, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Amit Levy, Henry M. Levy, Paul Gardner, Vinnie Moscaritolo Technical Report , UW-CSE-11-08-01, University of Washington, August, 2011 Abstract This paper seeks to advance the state of the art in practical selfdestructing data systems that secure sensitive data from disclosure in our highly mobile, social-networked, cloud-computing world. Our work facilitates the automatic, timed, and …

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Regaining Control over Cloud and Mobile Data

Roxana Geambasu Ph.D. Thesis, University of Washington Abstract While emerging computing technologies – such as cloud computing and small, powerful, mobile devices – offer previously unimaginable global access to data and applications, they also threaten users’ sense of control over data ownership, distribution, and properties. For example, uploading some data to a Web service – such as a document to …

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