April, 2009 Archive

MODIST: Transparent Model Checking of Unmodified Distributed Systems

Junfeng Yang, Tisheng Chen, Ming Wu, Zhilei Xu, Xuezheng Liu, Haoxiang Lin, Mao Yang, Fan Long, Lintao Zhang, Lidong Zhou Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI ’09), April, 2009, pp. 213–228 Abstract MoDist is the first model checker designed for transparently checking unmodified distributed systems running on unmodified operating systems. It achieves this transparency …

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WARP: Enabling Fast CPU Scheduler Development and Evaluation

Haoqiang Zheng, Jason Nieh Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS 2009), Boston, MA, April 19-21, 2009, pp. 101-112 Abstract Developing CPU scheduling algorithms and under- standing their impact in practice can be difficult and time consum- ing due to the need to modify and test operating system kernel code and measure …

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