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Homeviews: Peer-to-peer middleware for personal data sharing applications

Roxana Geambasu, Magdalena Balazinska, Steven D. Gribble, Henry M. Levy Proceedings of the 2007 ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data, June, 2007 Abstract This paper presents HomeViews, a peer-to-peer middleware system for building personal data management applications. HomeViews provides abstractions and services for data organization and distributed data sharing. The key innovation in HomeViews is the integration of …

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Transparent Checkpoint-Restart of Multiple Processes on Commodity Operating Systems

Oren Laadan, Jason Nieh Proceedings of the 2007 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, Santa Clara, CA, June 17-22, 2007, pp. 323-336 Abstract The ability to checkpoint a running application and restart it later can provide many useful benefits including fault recovery, advanced resources sharing, dynamic load bal- ancing and improved service availability. However, appli- cations often involve multiple processes which have …

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