December, 2005 Archive

Breaking the Ties that Bind: Process Isolation and Migration

Shaya Potter, Jason Nieh ;login, USENIX Association, 30(6), December 2005, pp. 14-17 Abstract As computers become more ubiquitous in large corporate, government, and academic organizations, the cost of owning and maintaining them is becoming unmanageable. Computers are increasingly networked, which only complicates the management problem given the myriad of viruses and other attacks commonplace in today’s networks. Security problems can …

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Reducing Downtime Due to System Maintenance and Upgrades

Shaya Potter, Jason Nieh Proceedings of the 19th Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA 2005), San Diego, CA, December 4-9, 2005, pp. 47-62. (Best Student Paper Award) Abstract Patching, upgrading, and maintaining operating system software is a growing management complexity problem that can result in unacceptable system downtime. We introduce AutoPod, a system that enables unscheduled operating system updates while …

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Remotely Keyed CryptoGraphics: Secure Remote Display Access Using (Mostly) Untrusted Hardware

Debra Cook, Ricardo Baratto, Angelos Keromytis Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS 2005), Beijing, China, December 10-13, 2005, pp. 363-375 Abstract Software that covertly monitors user actions, also known as spyware, has become a first-level security threat due to its ubiquity and the difficulty of detecting and removing it. Such software may be inadvertently …

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