June, 2005 Archive

eXplode: A Lightweight, General Approach for Finding Serious Errors in Storage Systems

Junfeng Yang, Paul Twohey, Ben Pfaff, Can Sar, Dawson Engler Proceedings of the first Workshop on the Evaluation of Software Defect Detection Tools (BUGS ’05), June, 2005 Abstract File systems, RAID systems, and applications that care about data consistency, among others, assure data integrity by carefully forcing valuable data to stable storage. Unfortunately, verifying that a system recovers from a …

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AutoPod: Unscheduled System Updates with Zero Data Loss

Shaya Potter, Jason Nieh Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2005), Seattle, WA, June 13-16, 2005, pp. 367-368 Abstract Patching, upgrading, and maintaining operating system software is a growing management complexity problem that can result in unacceptable system downtime. We introduce AutoPod, a system that enables unscheduled operating sys- tem updates while preserving application service …

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