November, 2004 Archive

Correlation exploitation in error ranking

Ted Kremenek, Ken Ashcraft, Junfeng Yang, Dawson Engler Proceedings of the 12th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on Foundations of Software Engineering (SIGSOFT ’04/FSE-12), November, 2004, pp. 83–93 Abstract Static program checking tools can find many serious bugs in software, but due to analysis limitations they also frequently emit false error reports. Such false positives can easily render the error checker …

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WebPod: Persistent Web Browsing Sessions with Pocketable Storage Devices

Shaya Potter, Jason Nieh Department of Computer Science, Columbia University Technical Report , CUCS-047-04, November 2004 Abstract We present WebPod, a portable device for managing web browsing sessions. WebPod leverages capacity improve- ments in portable solid state memory devices to provide a consistent environment to access the web. WebPod pro- vides a thin virtualization layer that decouples a user’s web …

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