November, 2001 Archive

An Empirical Study of Operating Systems Errors

Andy Chou, Junfeng Yang, Benjamin Chelf, Seth Hallem, Dawson Engler Proceedings of the 18th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP ’01), November, 2001, pp. 73–88 Abstract We present a study of operating system errors found by automatic, static, compiler analysis applied to the Linux and OpenBSD kernels. Our approach differs from previous studies that consider errors found by manual …

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CRAK: Linux Checkpoint / Restart As a Kernel Module

Hua Zhong, Jason Nieh Department of Computer Science, Columbia University Technical Report , CUCS-014-01, November 2001 Abstract Process checkpoint/restart is a very useful technology for process migration, load balancing, crash recovery, rollback transaction, job controlling and many other purposes. Although process migration has not yet been widely used and is not widely available commercial systems, the growing shift of computing …

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